​​​​​​The hopeless run from destiny; the hopeful embrace it.
Doms are not princes and Jacques Meszaros certainly isn't one. Or is he? A business tycoon, a philanthropist, and a sexual Dominant, Jacques makes the rules but doesn't always abide them. On a whim, he offers Isabella Rey a soiree in paradise. What he finds when they arrive is a destiny foretold long ago in the words of a gypsy.

Two women live inside Isabella Rey. Her angel goes to church every Sunday, helps the sick, and is fiercely loyal to family. Her devil lives in the shadows. Isabella is not looking for love, but a life-threatening twist of fate spurs her to allow her devil a moment in the sun.

Jacques wants forever. Forever is the one thing Isabella believes she cannot give. But paradise, once tasted, is not easily foregone.

Angel or devil? Dom or prince? Destiny awaits. Will theirs be a paradise lost or found?

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​​contemporary romance

​​​​Jillian Verne