First love. Obsessive Love. Lost love.

Teodor Rey is a sinner. A rock star with a guitar in his hand and the world at his feet, Teo wants the one thing he cannot have: the woman he calls his silent harmony. The only one who ever soothed the artist's tortured soul and satisfied the dark passions that rule him. The same one he betrayed with a narcotic mistress. Teo conquered his addiction to drugs. Never his addiction to Eva.

Addiction is hell. Love is far and away worse. Can Teo regain what he lost? If so, at what price?

Contemporary Erotic Romance

The Rock Star Dom is IN the House!

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  Jillian Verne

MASTERPIECE,the original Masters of the Order Novel, is available for purchase at LOOSE IDAMAZON and other major eBook retailers.​

PARADISE is available for purchase at LOOSE ID, AMAZON, and other major eBook retailers.

GODSEND is available for purchase at LOOSE IDAMAZON, and other major eBook retailers.

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