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Thank you to the talented artists whose photography appears here: Viorel Siga (Paradise and Godsend Cover) and Kriscole (Harmony Cover) at Dreamstime; from Unsplash: Annie Spratt (orange rose), David Beale (motorcycle), Aaron Burdon (snow globe) , Harryasp (Eiffel Tower), Boesijana (Sacré-Cœur Basilica), Simeon Jacobson (cowboy hats), Jacek Dylag (guitar), Linda Xu (water/Lady of the Lake cover), Alexander Krivitskiy (woman/Lady of the Lake cover), Alessio Lin (Man from the Lake cover), and Samara Doole (water Love on the Lake cover), Matteo Vistocco, Scott Ruzzene, Linus Nylund, Holger Link, Georgia de Lotz, Eberhard Grossgasteiger, Billy Pasco, and Anastasia Taioglou (water backgrounds on quotes).

contemporary romance

what makes a jillian verne romance?
my writing is pro-sex humanist/feminist smut for the smart. Not too bland. Not too spicy. with gloriously imperfect characters and full sexual agency. every novel has the same theme: be who you are. not who you are told to be.
each is about the journey into love, and the missteps, barriers, and twists of fate that happen along the rocky road to the happily-ever-after.
when all is said and done, safe, sane, and consensual love is love.

adults only please