Jillian Verne

Welcome to the Order, an elite and secret society of powerful brothers bound by social status and sexual tastes. We band together under a blood oath: 

For our integrity and common benefit, from this day onward, we are brothers, honor bound by the precepts and traditions of The Order, and loyal to one another until death. I pledge my fealty to you, brother mine, as I would to my own blood so that you shall do the same for me. Wrongs done to you shall be mine to avenge. Should I betray my pledge, let the justice of The Order reign over me. With a faithful and devoted heart, my constancy is sworn.


The Masters of the Order series  tells our stories.

Meet Nico in Masterpiece

Meet Jacques in Paradise

Meet Sabin in Godsend

Meet Teodor in Harmony

Pick any Master and enjoy his dark game.

The series is sequential, but each novel can be read and understood independently.