Jillian Verne

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Master. Lover. Submissive. Muse.

When Julianne Giroux, an aspiring artist with a dark secret, apprentices with Nicolai Stavros in his Paris gallery, she finds far more than a passion for art. She finds herself. The masterful artist with forbidden tastes strips away her reserved veneer to reveal the daring, darkly passionate woman beneath and introduces her to the erotic world of the Order, an elite and secret society of powerful brothers bound by social status and sexual tastes.

A celebrated artist, an indulged heir and a sexual Dominant, Nicolai has it all…except what he needs. In Julianne, he finds his muse. Nicolai crafts the ingénue into his living masterpiece and through the arduous process, finds himself re-created. With Julianne as his inspiration, Nicolai aspires to become something greater than he has been.

But in an erotic world where powerful players enjoy dark games and buried secrets bite, love comes at a painful price.

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Voted Finalist for BEST BDSM BOOK OF THE YEAR by the 2016 NYC  BDSM Writers Conference.